Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Some Of My Favorites Things"

Today I got to thinking what are some of my favorites things. So I said to myself, "Why not write about "Some of your favorite things." So here goes....

One of my favorite things is; I love to watch a beautiful waterfalls. Not only are they lovely, but for some reason when watching a waterfalls I find it very relaxing.

Another of my favorite things is the autumn season. I just love the beauty of the many different colored leaves. Just looking out over an ocean of forest and the variety of the many different colors is just breathtaking.

A good book to read is another favorite thing that I enjoy doing. If I have a good book to read I never get bored. Really it's the opposite, I never seem to have enough time to spend with my books and my reading.

I'm finding I also enjoy blogging, which I don't know if that is good or bad. I love writing down my thoughts and reading what other people are writing about. Some are quite interesting. Whereas others I just pass on by and don't give them the time of day. I'm kinda like that with books. If I start to read a book and I don't find it interesting, I don't waste my time reading it. I have learned over my years of reading, that if a book is boring in the first third of the book, it probably won't get any better the next two thirds of the book either. I realize it takes a short period of time to set up the story line, but when it goes on and on and nothing interesting is happening it probably isn't going to happen later on.

I love my quiet time, which is one of my very favorite things. I no longer need a lot of activities going on around me to be happy. Part of my quiet time I like to spend listening to the radio, that is if it is playing my favorite music. So listening to the radio is also one of my favorite things to do. Which I do many Sunday afternoons. This past week listening to my favorite "Musical Memories" radio show, I called in and guessed who was singing the song and won a $20.00 gift certificate to the "Ox Yoke Restaurant." Of course we will be using it, since we love eating out...

Another favorite thing I like to do, is watch a good movie on TV. I even like being able to watch it alone or maybe with friends who will enjoy watching it with me. I don't like a lot of distractions when I am watching a movie. Otherwise, I miss a lot of what is going on and miss the whole point of the movie. I really am beginning to sound like a snooty kind of a person. Oh! well that's just the way it is with me. If I am going to watch a movie, I want to be able to follow the story and know what is going on, otherwise it becomes very boring and I loose interest in it.

Well, I have to get back to my "Reading Corner" and get back to reading.


  1. I will be doing some updating on this blog.

  2. Ok I thought I would list some of my favorite things.

    1). I love dogs. From a baby dogs have always been a love of mine. Dogs must sense this because dogs even strange dogs love me. Many times I have been told I can't believe that they never let anyone play/touch them. Ellie my dog is the most gentle dog and playful. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't play with her enough. I worry about her too which is probably crazy but I do.

    2). I love to camp. " The family that camps together stays together." Our friends who camped envited us one year (8yrs ago) to camp. I was hesitant I thought people who camp have a chemical imbalance but my hubby said yes so we did. My kids LOVED it. And it was such a relaxing environment. This has been a great bonding family activity!! Now my daughter and son in-law have a camper and off we go together. In July we will be going with a group of 10 camping friends together. Fun Fun!!

    3). My family loves to travel and expand our horizons. I was 29yrs the first time I went to Walt Disney World. The kids loved it (duh). I wish we had more time/money to travel but unfortunately my name isn't "Gates" and with the economy in the pot, there will be no traveling.

    4). I love to ski. But as I get older I don't like the cold and growing up we had fresh snow, so I am spoiled and do not like skiing on man-made snow, it just isn't the same. Skiing can be expensive so again no skiing right now for us.

    5). I love to read. I've had more time now to do that than I did the past 5yrs. When I find an author I like I like to start from the first book written through to the current one in sequence. I hate reading a book in the middle of a sequence. So unless I am caught up I do not read new releases. One benefit of this is when I am finally ready to read it everyone already has so I don't have to wait on the list (at the library). If I decide to buy it, it's cheaper because it's no longer the new release in great demand. I never buy new books!! We have a second hand book store where I can pick books up in good condition from .99-3.99 . Also if you have eBay you can pick up books even cheaper!! I've done that too.

  3. Thank you, Oma Jill, for such a nice comment. It is always fun to share what our favorite things are, we learn so much about each other, that we otherwise wouldn't know. I too, shop at a second hand bookstore, and they buy books, so when I go there I try to take a bag of books and DVD's with me and then I spend the money I make on them for different books, and they buy them back when you are finished reading them.

  4. I enjoy reading, tanning, sewing scrapbooking. There how was that.

  5. My long answer went into cyber space it made me mad so that is all you get.

  6. Now girls we all can express outself anyway we choose. But, it is pitiful. LOL

  7. Hey what about our sister vacation??

  8. What are you talking about? Sister Vacation? Am I considered your sister now?

  9. I really wouldn't know if that is one of my favorite things or not, since I've never been on a "Sister Vacation" LOL

  10. Rhonda and I for the past 3 years have taken a vacation just the two of us. Two Sisters! You can be whoever you want to be!! You can call me Shania! LOL

  11. Well, in that case you can call me "Mommy Dearest" HAHAHAHAHHHHHAHAHAHHAA :((

  12. Now you two behave. Some have requested that I enlarge on my favorite things so here goes.
    1) I like to tan, it makes me warm all over, the lights help with seasonal depression (if one would have it ;) )
    2) I like scrapbooking my favorite is putting captions to the pictures. Later when you get them out to look at it is a great joy.
    3) I enjoy sewing when I have time. For me it is relaxing.
    4) I like reading, especially if it is interesting to me. What one likes another may hate therefore the variety in reading material.
    5) I like sister vacation because I relax, no Mom get me... or Hun where is my.... I do what I want it is Jill who suffers. (Just eat it and shut up :) )
    6) I like a good get together with friends and family, that is a joy. (Our outing to the Casselman and Hen House were fun) I'm sure you can think of get togethers you enjoyed in your life time. You probably forgot more that you remember.

    Well enough of that enjoy and go easy on me with your comments.

  13. Purple Girl, You did a good job relating your favorite things. I forgot to add to my favorite things list, I like costume jewelry, I can't afford the good stuff! Anyway, I'm thinking about posting pictures of my costume jewelry along with my books the month of February as a daily photo. That would only be 28 posts and I think I have enough to fill 28 days. I also love scarfs, so I may throw in a few of them. We'll see, I don't know if I can get the photos to look good or not, that will be the deciding factor if I post that idea or not!

  14. OK enjoy yourself I'm sure we will all get a good laugh from them. PS Mercedez and I just watched your doggie videos at her blogspot.

  15. Nice reading you and your favorite things and enjoyed the thread of comments too...